What's special about Koala Climbing classes?
We make children happier :)
  • Acceptance, tolerance, sense of belonging
    We know that all people are different, and this gives us an amazing experience of interaction. We strive to ensure that children learn to understand and accept diversity. We try to create a space free of bullying and false stereotypes. And also, when choosing a group for a child, we make sure that there is someone they can work together with (have a common language). In our camps and trips, we devote a lot of time to various team-building games and tasks. Teachers speak Russian, Estonian and English. Groups are not divided on a national basis.
  • Safe environment that encourages development, psychological comfort
    We do not pressure or shame, and always give an opportunity to develop at your own pace. And we also know that sometimes people don't get enough sleep and are in a bad mood. On such days, we are ready to support the fact that the person made an effort and came to the class. There is a 5-minute break in children's classes to have a snack and gather strength.
  • Satisfaction with achievements
    Climbing is a wonderful activity, because there is a lot of overcoming in it, but also a lot of small victories. Even in one training session you can have time to try a difficult route, despair, and then still achieve your goal. We adapt tasks based on children's abilities, carefully make sure that everyone compares themselves to themselves in the past, and does not get upset if someone else does something better.
  • Joy of movement
    The positive effects of physical activity alone both on well-being and self-perception should not be underestimated. And climbing is a unique diverse sporting experience that develops all large muscle groups, cardiovascular system, coordination, balance and flexibility in combination.
  • Fascinating tasks, problem solving
    There are a lot of games in children's classes, and we play with not only preschoolers and younger schoolchildren, but also adults. Teenagers are usually more skeptical of gaming activities, but there are also interesting activities for them, because you can't do without brain work in rock climbing! Often, in order for the route to give in, you need to crack the author's idea to solve the puzzle, and not blindly use physical force.
  • Attention and individual approach
    We have small groups of 4-8 people so that the coach has the opportunity to pay enough attention to each student. If possible, we divide groups into beginners and intermediate or advanced. However, even in this case, the group is heterogeneous, and children always differ in some way, for example, in height. Therefore, it is extremely important that we put children in pairs or groups of three, and they receive tasks according to their level and abilities.
Who are the classes suitable for?
Climbing classes in our club are suitable for everyone. Both children and adults are welcome, regardless of age and level of physical fitness.

About the club
We offer classes in Estonian, Russian and English since 2018. Koala Climbing OÜ is a sport club and a member of the Estonian Climbing Association.