Integration camp for kids
Choose a convenient option:
• city camp in Tallinn 13.06-17.06
• sleepaway camp in Kadrina

Climbing trainings
Games and creative workshops
English lessons and Estonian practice
New friends and outdoor activities
The integration camp idea
Camp for kids who speak different languages
We invite kids who speak Russian, Estonian or English, as well as children of refugees from Ukraine to the Koala camp (with an additional discount).

Our goal is to help kids to integrate into Estonian society, overcome the language barrier, find friends, and have a useful and fun time.

At the camp we do climbing, play outdoors, have creative workshops, and to make it easier to find a common language, we provide English classes.
Who is the camp for?
Children 7-13 years old
Who speak Russian, Ukrainian, English or Estonian and want to find new friends.
Without special training
Even for beginners in climbing and without knowledge of English.
Why our camp?
Diverse program
Climbing, English lessons, Estonian practice, fun and outdoors activities.
New acquaintances and friends
All activities in the camp are designed to help you communicate, make friends and not be afraid of practicing the language.
We know how to create interesting activities
All classes and interactions are gamified.
Children love our motivation system
We encourage them to be polite and considerate to each other and achieve their goals.
We guarantee safety and care
Children are always safe and under the supervision of experienced camp leaders and teachers.
Children do not use gadgets at camp
However, camp leaders are available 24/7 for your phone call and send pictures to parents' chat in telegram throughout the day. At sleepaway camp, children call parents after dinner.