9 reasons to choose climbing for you and your child

Climbing is a natural activity for us. Remember yourself as a child: climbing a tree or on the roof of a garage was one of the main entertainments. Modern urban children are almost deprived of this opportunity. However, there is a great alternative - rock climbing. See what speaks in favor of this choice:

1. Climbing can be started at any age
It doesn't matter if it's a three-year-old or an adult. The level of your physical fitness is also not important.
2. Climbing does not require special expensive equipment
In order to start training, you only need rocks, the rental of which is included in the cost of classes.

3. Climbing gives a uniform load on all muscle groups
It's a great combination of strength and cardio training.
4. Climbing develops coordination and flexibility
It is impossible to climb the track without coordinating movements: climbing gives the skill of interacting with your own body, the ability to listen to and hear it.
5. Climbing helps to develop cognitive abilities
Thanks to training, a small child will quickly learn to navigate in the space (top, bottom, left, right), learn colors and numbers. And older climbers learn to figure out how to climb a certain track with their growth, physical capabilities and location of holds. Each climbing task has many ways to solve it, it teaches you to think outside the framework and develops planning skills.
6. You won't be bored when climbing
A variety of tasks and tracks helps to avoid monotony in training.
7. Climbing is safe
The first thing you are taught is safety rules. How to behave so as not to injure yourself and others, how to put your legs properly, how to grab holds correctly.
8. Climbing develops the ability to interact with other people and trust them
We select a group so that all children have a partner or a team in which they work during the lesson. When forming groups and subgroups, we take into account both height and level of physical development, as well as gender, age and language, so that children can comfortably perform tasks together and communicate.
9. Climbing develops purposefulness
Tracks come in varying complexity, not always everything works out the first time. Climbing teaches you to set a goal and achieve it. Like any other sport, climbing develops responsibility, the will to win and the ability to overcome difficulties.