For English speakers and English learners
Climbing camps
in Tallinn
for 3 to 8 y.o.
03.07-07.07 3.5 -6 y.o.
10.07-14.07 3.5 -6 y.o.
17.07-21.07 3.5 -6 y.o.
24.07-29.07 3.5 -6 y.o.

31.07-4.08 week off
7.08-11.08 6-8 y.o.
14.08-18.08 6-8 y.o.
21.08-25.08 6-8 y.o.
  • A lot of movement though rock climbing and active games
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion
  • Working language is English
  • New friends and interactive activities
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5-day camps in Tallinn for English-speaking children and English learners.
Rock climbing, language development, outdoor activities, games and art workshops.
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Bouldering camp for English speakers and English learners
Koala camp is an English-speaking city camp where children play, learn to climb and communicate with others.

Our goal is to introduce kids to a new sport, but also help them make new friends and learn to communicate in English.

In our camp children will learn bouldering and a bit of rope climbing and have fun with outdoor activities and art workshops.While the working language of the camp is English, we accept children that don't speak English yet and help them in their immersive language experience.
My kid has dietary restictions. Can they still come?
Absolutely. We will discuss with the cafeteria if they can provide suitable food. They usually can. If not, you can bring your own food, we have a fridge, a microwave and a dishwasher on the premises.
My child doesn't speak English yet. Can they still come?
It would be ideal if the child has some passive knowledge of English, for example, if parents speak English at home, but their mother tongue to the child, they'll probably adapt fast.
We need some way of communication with the kid for vital requests (I'm cold/hot/hungry/thirsty/need to pee), if the child can't say that in English, but can in Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, French or Japanese, we'll manage. If not, you can maybe provide some phrases for us :)
Camp Rules
Camp Rules
Dear Parents!
We ask you to ensure observance of the following simple rules.
We recommend to discuss them with your child in advance, it will help to avoid conflict situations on the shift.

1.Please come 5-7 minutes before the beginning of class (before that time the gym will be closed.
2.If your child is sick, please stay home.
3.Participants are asked to listen to the coach, counselor or instructor and follow instructions.
In most cases it is possible to refuse to participate in an activity, in which case the teachers will offer an alternative. However, we would require not to do anything that will disrupt what others are doing (scream loudly, etc.)
4.The use of slurs and any verbal or non-verbal abuse of others, including on the basis of real or perceived ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., is strictly forbidden in our club.
5.During classes at the camp we are going to take pictures and videos to familiarize parents and the general audience with the camp program. By sending your child to camp, you consent to the use of the materials in the parent chat, as well as for promotional purposes (on our website, in social networks, etc.).
6.Since we have outdoor activities, the child must bring a hat/cap and a water bottle.

Rules of conduct in the climbing area.

1.The child must be dressed in comfortable sports clothes that do not restrict movement. Socks are required if you rent shoes.
2.It is not allowed to leave your child unsupervised before the class begins. Please wait until the coach picks up the children. Leaving children unattended at the rock climbing site might cause injuries!
3.It is forbidden to run on the climbing mats and shout loudly, as well as to come closer than 2 meters to people climbing without rope.
4.It is forbidden to climb over or under other people, if possible you should keep your distance.
5.Be sure to remove the rings before training. It is also desirable to remove watches and chains.
6.If it is possible to climb down without jumping, jumping is not recommended.

Payment rules

Prepayment is required. You can pay for participation in the camp on our website.

For non-compliance the club reserves the right to refuse a child to attend camp without refund.